crate training your Corgi puppy

Crate training your new Corgi puppy

To crate or not to crate train…that is the question Imagine…you are bringing home your new Corgi puppy…oh so excited…you dreamt about all of the hours of cuddling and taking Instagram photos…videos…the tears of joy that will stream down your face…But WAIT!!!  You have a job…the anxiety kicks in…leaving him home alone…OMG!!!  Well, yes, this […]

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corgi hot spots

Hot spots really suck

Its flea season and that weird itchy patch is a hot spot So, the signs of summer are here…sun, fun, blue skies and warm nights.  Wait, stop the presses!  What about the still air?  What about the sweat?  And, think about it, what about those nasty FLEAS???  Ah yes.  The fleas, those funky gross little […]

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Corgi Fish

A Corgi and his pet fish

Hambone and his obsession with Corgi fish I don’t know about a lot of dogs, but I have one that is particularly obsessed with his fish.  Here is a photo to articulate the love between Hambone and his pet fish. Yes, it looks like an ordinary photo of a dog with his toy, but this […]

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